Nitty Gritty Dirt

July 7, 2011

It’s been a really hot week – this Independence Day week.  With daily temperatures in the upper 80’s and 90’s and plenty of rain, most of the veggie crops are growing like crazy – and so are the weeds.  We’ve been doing a lot of weeding over the last few days.  It’s a lot of fussy, picky weeding of crops like carrots, dill, turnips and cilantro as well as weeding around every tomato, pepper and eggplant.  This kind of weeding requires a lot of perseverance and good manual dexterity.  It is also a pretty good job for really hot days as you get to move a little slower that with some other jobs.  

We also took out the Husquavarna roto-tiller and Gigi has been tilling between the corn and bean rows with the tiller.  With so much rain, we simply cannot stay ahead of the weeds and while tilling is one of our least favorite options for tillage, it does allow us to get those weeds chewed up and reincorporated into the soil.  It is exciting to actually see the rows of corn and beans emerge from the lush forest of lambs quarters and pig weed.

Keeping fresh water in front of all our farm critters is a bit of a challenge in this heat.  We have a five time a day routine of checking and filling water tubs for the goats and sheep, pigs and horses, chickens and turkeys.  The pigs love turning their water trough over and making a mud slough in which they lounge away these hot afternoons. 

50 new baby broiler chicks arrived at the Harris post office on Tuesday.  As one person ran into town to pick them up, the rest of us got their new home ready – light, baby chick feeders, shavings on the floor and quart jar waterers filled with water mixed with a nutrient solution.  All the interns who were not here yet when we hatched so many Barred Rock x Aracana chicks around Easter time, got to pick up the adorable yellow chicks and one at a time, dip their beaks in water and place them in their new home.  It is hard to believe that in 8 weeks time, these tiny chicks will have grown into delicious meat.

This week veggie shares will be delivered in individual boxes.  In the interest of saving the wear and tear on the boxes, we ask you to continue bringing your own bags or containers to take your veggies home. 

The greens in your share this week will be a little more feisty in flavor that earlier in the season.  We encourage you to lightly cook them rather than using them raw.  Chop coarsely and braise in a tiny bit of water, then add just a bit of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar and cook them until the liquid disappears.  Yum!   We also think the Sugar Ann sugar snap peas will taste better this week lightly cooked in a stir fry rather than eating raw. 

Until next week………….

What’s In your Share

Radish Red Rover
Lettuce             Freckles, Cimarron, Salad Bowl
Greens             Arugula, Mizuna, Green Wave mustard, Red Wave mustard
Peas                 Sugar Ann
Turnip              Hakurei
Kohlrabi           Winner
Bok Choi         Joi Choi
Onions             Walla Walla


Use the addresses to google or mapquest or look up the drop site from your particular location. Keep in mind that the folks at the drop sites are volunteers, allowing us to use their space (and in some cases, their homes) as drop sites. Be nice to them. We couldn't do this without them. If you have any questions about your share etc., you should ask us, not them. They have enough to do....as do we all. All deliveries occur on Thursday afternoons. Approximate drop site times are listed below each location. The end times vary but you should pick up your share as early as possible. Look for the NITTY GRITTY DIRT FARM DROP SITE signs at your delivery locations along with lists to check your name off when you pick up, and a description of exactly what you should take.

Nitty Gritty Dirt Farm
10386 Sunrise Road (Cty Rd 9)
Harris MN 55032

35 north past North Branch to the Harris Exit. Turn Right.
Go into Harris, cross RR tracks to stop sign. Turn Left
Go 2 blocks to County Rd 9, also called Sunrise Road. (at Heartbreakers Bar) Turn Right. Farm is 4 1/2 miles out on left side of road. Look for Nitty Gritty Dirt Farm sign.
Shares available from 3:00 to 6:00

United Theological Seminary 3000 5th Street NW, New Brighton MN 55112
694 to Silver Lake Road exit. Go south to 5th and turn west (right). Go three blocks to UTS. Follow driveway (left) to the maintenance garage at the far north end of the parking lot. Shares available after 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM.

Pilgrims United Church of Christ
8801 Rice Lake Road, Maple Grove MN 55369
Just off of Weaver Lake Road across from Rice Lake Elementary School. Use main church door. Shares available from 3:30 to 6:00.

Acadia Cafe
329 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis
NW corner of Cedar and Riverside. Park on Riverside or
in lot behind the cafe.
Shares available after 3:15 PM until 6:00 PM

Vincent Avenue
3646 Vincent Avenue North, Mpls MN 55412
1/2 block north of 36th Ave N, and 2 blocks south of Dowling. Park on the street. Shares available after 3:30 until 6:00 PM

Additional drop sites may be added as shares are sold. Drop Sites are subject to change but plenty of notice will be given and alternate sites will be within close proximity to the original drop site.


Robin Raudabaugh & Gigi Nauer

Nitty Gritty Dirt Farm

10386 Sunrise Road

PO Box 235

Harris MN 55032

(651) 226-1186


Also Nitty Gritty Goods Wool CSA
Robin Raudabaugh

We are a 15 acre Community Supported Agriculture farm providing a wide variety of fresh, organically and sustainably grown vegetables, fruit, lamb, pork, turkey and chicken. Located one hour north of the Twin Cities, we deliver to several metro locations. We are intentional about our organic and sustainable farming practices which include (but are not limited to): maintaining soil health through green and animal manures, compost, mulch, cover crops and crop rotations; Organic Pest Management to naturally monitor, prevent and control insects and other pests; maintaining animal health and well-being through the use of portable and loose housing and pasture rotations. Owner/operators Robin Raudabaugh and Gigi Nauer provide over 30 years experience in fruit, vegetable and livestock production, education and customer service. Our primary goal is to build community, relationships and personal health and well-being around good food and the intentional living that creates it. We’d love to have you join us.

Not every day is like this but we try.

Not every day is like this but we try.

Not every day is like this either.

Not every day is like this either.